Strong adhesion primer / all-round primer
Strong adhesion primer / all-round primer

Strong adhesion primer / all-round primer

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We recommend using the adhesive primer before painting with Color Stories paint to ensure good adhesion and a uniform result on smooth surfaces such as wooden and laminate furniture, plastic and tiles etc.

Start with a thorough wash and intermediate sanding before using the adhesive primer, after which the desired paint can be applied.

Caparol Capacryl 376 adhesive primer has an excellent adhesion to many different surfaces such as furniture, hard lacquered wood, tiles, laminate, hard plastic as well as difficult surfaces such as industrial lacquered and galvanized surfaces, aluminum (not anodized), copper etc.

Gloss: Matte
Dilution: Can be diluted with water
Tools: Brush, roller or paint sprayer
Range: 8-10 m² per litres
Drying time: 1-2 hours, can be painted over after approx. 16 hours at +20 °C
Caparol 376 adhesive primer can be used both inside and outside.

Quantity and range of paint Color Stories:

0.5 liters (0.45 liters)

1 liter (0.9 liters)

3 liters (2.7 liters)

9 liters (8.1 liters)

Color sample approx. 100 ml.

A range of 6-8 m²/litre is calculated

18-24 m² per 3 litres.

36-48 m² per 6 litres.

54-72m² per 9 litres.

It is expected that 2 coats must be applied to achieve the desired coverage.

Drying time: Paintable after approx. 8 hours at +20 °C.

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