Advice on combining colors

1. Notice the room - should it be playful, romantic or calm. Colors are set according to what you want to feel in the room.

2. Use art, posters or textiles to choose the color of the room. Find a common denominator and use it on the wall so that it compliments the colors in just e.g. your favorite painting. Then you have a good coherence in the room.

3. Be brave with two or three colors in the same room. For example, ceiling, wall and frames in a different colour. Find three colors that look great together - you can always paint over again.

4. If you use colors in all the rooms in your home, make sure there is good synergy between the rooms. So the experience becomes a whole, but each room has its own expression. Choose, for example, 5 rooms, 5 colors - where the colors look great together on paper. And then build each room in its own color story, but as one common life.

5. Use the excess paint to paint furniture or frames to avoid paint wastage.
Love Camilla & Sussie