We endeavor that your order will be packed and ready for dispatch from us no later than the day after we have received your order. Your package will be delivered to your home with Danske Fragtmænd or GLS . The majority of all packages will be delivered the day after collection from us. This means that your parcel will be with you 1-3 working days after you have ordered it from us*.

*) Reservations are made for sold-out goods and back orders from our suppliers.

Avoid delay - "Place the package securely":

Avoid delays and extra costs, write on your order if and where the shipment must be securely stored.

If there is no one at home and you have not specified that the shipment may be delivered, the carrier takes the goods back to the freight center for delivery with Danske Fragtmænd and to the parcel shop for delivery with GLS.

The package is delivered to the front door or to the entrance door/kerb. The package is not carried up and/or inside.

Delivery of package:

You will receive a message regarding the day of delivery. It is your responsibility that there is a recipient present at the time of delivery, if there is not, you will have to agree the further process with the shipping company.

If you are in doubt as to whether you can be at home at the time of delivery, you can instead:

  • Enter your workplace as an alternative delivery address
  • Write in the comment field that the package must be returned (this takes place without receipt of the package and it is at the buyer's own risk*) (note that the responsibility is yours if the item is stolen/damaged/frost damaged)
  • Get a call before delivery so you can get home and receive the package. - write this in the comment field.

If it is not possible for the carrier to deliver the package, the package will be taken back to the freight center, where it may be can be picked up, or re-delivery can be arranged. A possibly redelivery will be at the recipient's expense. A message will most often be placed in your mailbox regarding the failed delivery, and you must then contact the shipping company yourself.

Delivery in case of frost:

When there is frost, we do not send packages on Fridays, as the paint cannot withstand frost, and we therefore cannot guarantee that the package will not be on a lorry over the weekend and thus be damaged.

Contact us:

If you have questions about your delivery, you can contact us on +45 30 40 42 51, or Instagram. We are always ready to help, so we can ensure you the fastest and easiest delivery.