Residential stylist and partner in Color Stories

Susie Frank

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' I'm a huge color geek, I love how a color can change the mood of a room. My home is full of colors, but kept in a pastel base with the exception of the pink staircase, otherwise it is probably mostly the mixed and patterned interior around the wall colors that creates the whole at my home. I love the odd choice and can geek out for hours with color combinations. You can read the person behind every home, they say, and I'm probably a bit whimsical, creative and playful -
like my decor

Sussie's pink staircase has now been shared on Instagram quite a few times. The staircase is painted in 'Bubblegum' and appears almost completely sculptural in the great hall. Some might call it a bold color choice, but it really signifies Sussie's home in general. Sussie loves colors.

'Beach sand'


'Colours can set the mood in any room, and pastels too
gives me a cozy and mild atmosphere'.

Sussie has also chosen to paint the kitchen in 'Strandsand', which goes beautifully with her blue joinery kitchen and brown marble.

' Our kitchen is the family's living room, there is plenty of space here, and the pastel yellow walls hug the rest of the room and create lots of cozy atmosphere. '

The 'acid' in the ceiling

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